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Parfois, oui parfois, c’est bon d’oublier C’est bon d’ignorer hier et le passé Pour aller vaillamment de l’avant Pour continuer vachement avec le vent.
Blaming the white men Is the idea, the insane ideas That many of you have in your eyes
Love, love now Today, not tomorrow Forget about the sorrow Quit asking how
We all use them To get out of just about everything Just lies we use because we made to many promises Didn't leave anytime for just for us   Everyone has used one X's on a person's lie counter
“There’s good in everyone” That’s a lie! Realized that as he watched me cry Body shaking so badly I thought I would die Eyes burning bright red light a stormy night sky  
“Because I love you…” is not a weapon It may not be used to make me do or say what you please   “Because I love you…” is not a competition I am not a prize, we either lose or win together  
I never gave up, I just became less interested in the excuses I made for myself. Like a teleprompter every few days I'd change the words, just in case someone else heard.
I worry about the day that the future comes and I have accomplished so much and I look to you and you have run out of excuses
Crimson cool droplets
I’m colorblind, I tell myself
Body. So. Weak.
i admire the crayons for no matter how you push or how hard the pressure they'll pick themselves up and cling to their other i admire the crayons for when in times of stress they melt together
So I know there’s homework due today. That much I really know. I also know that now is the time Where you collect it so…   I must explain to you Why my homework isn’t here
EXUSES ARE FOR THE WEAK FOR THE LAZY AND THE MEEK. thats what my teacher says to me. yes sometimes MY DOG ATE MY HOMEWORK just doesnt fly. but tell me why, tell me how,
"Hey! Remember me?No?Come on! Don’t you recognize me? Your best bud since that quiet scary night in 93. You were just a babe, remember, sleeping in the dark? When I swept in like a clever snake and crept into your heart.
Time enchants her victim, begs me near to sharp being…Wraps round frail shoulders as she tickles porcelain cheek.
Someone once asked me the question, “What are your fears and your dreams?”
It's too hot, It's too cold, I'm tired, I don't want to go. All excuses to escape and hide from your fears and failures but what is really the thing
Addicted to a mother who, in her eyes never loved her, created mental disintegration to a psyche so fragile Failing to inherit qualities of forget, forgiveness begun to take shape as enabling.
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