The Change Up

“Because I love you…” is not a weapon

It may not be used to make me do or say what you please


“Because I love you…” is not a competition

I am not a prize, we either lose or win together


“Because I love you”… is not permission

It may not be used as an entrance fee for my body


“Because I love you…” is not a compliment

My association with you does not define who I am or my value


“Because I love you…” is not a get-out-of-jail-free card

You may not hit me, belittle me or abuse me in any way, shape or form


“Because I love you…” is not control

Do not say that I cannot socialize with others


“Because I love you…” is not the final word

You cannot end an argument by steering away from the problem


“Because I love you…” is not a justification

For forgiveness when you have done something wrong


So change the phrase to “I love you because…”

You will find a richer and deeper love than you’ve ever experienced


“I love you, because…” when you are near

I feel a lightness and a freeness in my heart


“I love you, because...” you accept who I am

There are no conditions or unjustifiable expectations


“I love you, because…” your heart is open

To new experiences, to love, to moments unforgettable


“I love you, because…” you give me freedom

To go out into the world and take life on without any chains


“I love you, because…” you understand the meaning of "yes"

Because when your hand reaches out, I have no reservations


“I love you, because…” you are unbelievably honest

In a way that considers my feelings, but also leaves nothing left unsaid


“I love you, because…” when I think about getting old

I can picture you by my side on the porch where my grandparents used to sit


“I love you, because…” though created by a different vision

Our souls found each other and complimented our very existence


I love you, because when I fear the unknown, your hand finds mine

And all “Because I love you’s...”  disappear


This poem is about: 
Our world


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