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Love Is Like a Rose A poem by Ray Gray   Love is like a flower.  When you meet your match, The buds begin to grow. 
White sheets, messy room, messy mind, messy life.  A little bit of pain, it lingers. say that I'm fine, convince myself to lie. In my mind he's a way to survive. and at night when I dive
I used to always cry my tears Sometimes I still do even throughout the years It’s not new, you’ve done this so long  But if you thought I wouldn’t grow strong
When the sunsets all I want to feel the breeze through my hair Running through the waves All I want to feel you through my skin
  Music, Oh music You’ve taught me so much in my time You taught what happiness was But, you also told us what sadness was You taught us about love
Skin. My skin.  My melanin.  My pigment that makes my skin appear darker. My pigment that absorbs all light. Skin The skin that people aspire to have. The skin that started man kind.
They are some of many billions Some do walk-ins, some do sit-ins   One eats plenty, enough for four One is but a raw, empty core  
It’s crazy because even in a matter of time you still linger in my mind and I keep on pressing rewind to look back and reminisce on old memories  like damn Gina you really did something 
Because I love you, even at your lowest, you will always be at your highest Your smile will always resemble something of the sun Ultimate brightness   On a beautiful morning
There is something special about laughter. It allows people to enjoy the little moments they've saught after. The act of laughing can make anybody's day. It will lighten the mood and pave the way to a day that is at least
Father father father you are my everything how wonderful are you No one is perfect but you are expected to
I'm ready to see you again.
  We are two different sides of the same soul This I say to you, my friend Lover’s Lane shall never end When we are finally together again   And I’ll let you know one thing is true
Young lust Simmers deeper than a gigantic tidal wave The vivacious fusion of the two bodies Begins to peak into the uppermost realm of infatuation  As they cover each other with outer warmth
I left her. Afraid scared and alone. My guardian angel needs me. I didn't know my heart was her home. I felt I could fight alone. But I proved I'm weak broken and a wreck. I didn't want her to see me use, I always hated that feeling of regret.
Minds are crippled from the so called cure. The doctor says "here take this" now people are passed out on the floor. Your friends think its fun to take, your parents think skipping doses might be a fatal mistake.
You know what I hate? When men procrastiante with love... Either you in or you out boo. Don't string me along and tie me down like a shoelace supporting the souls of your feet, of our feet.
I think I'm gonna be sick But it's not because I took a hit It's because of the way I felt I don't feel that way anymore I stopped loving and you started 
Blink Too much light. Wink She's just right. Squint He's not there. See Them smiling fare.   Yawn Took tired and weak.
I love snowflakes, how they stick to my jacket, as they fall, like little shredded fairy wings, soft and delicate.   I love soft blankets, how they envelop me in warmth, minutes later,
There she is on the other side of the road. 
Neither sunrise nor moonlit stars will ever be more beautiful than you,
True love is something that I have never believed in,
Though it seems that the heavens keep us apart,
Let's do this before we expire don't look away or you too will transpire into a mindless individual a zombie to them they take you and use you until you are dead
I see his shadow rising I feel like going down Once I feel my dreams I can't understand how I feel About this mystery love Once I need know How your heart works I never stop thinking About you
"Mine"I wish I could hold youYou don't remember our moments
I will someday get to meet her As long as I am able to save money There will be a day when I am able to happily meet her It is a matter of an exotic toungue and money, nothing more As of now I am without gladness
Echoing down the hall your last foot steps fade away
One heart silenced by the oppressive veil of of the afterlife A silence brought upon without warning And in this silence, a new life has been lost The mother is stricken
“No one knows how poetic I am. It’s an inside talent that only defines who I am. I could talk all day and nobody would ever listen, my mama and I stayed arguing in the kitchen.
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