If only Gods were an afterthought


We are two different sides of the same soul

This I say to you, my friend

Lover’s Lane shall never end

When we are finally together again


And I’ll let you know one thing is true

The bottom line that I want to betray to you

They may hate my curvaciousness

And kill my reputation

But one thing they cannot ever do

Is diminish my flame


One would call me a different species

By an additional name,

Something noted as non-human

Well I include that dejection

Into my new-fangled classification


I am of the Vamp-Pixie kind

Because humanity is a thing

That I reject,

I cast it out; into another world


Back into orbital space

Where labels are accounted for

Deduce further into words

That is meaningless dibble


These cheap symbols marks a sign into

The preverbal wonderland

Where self-thoughts goes to perish

Into something we know as conformism


There’s no one to look forward to

Who questions thus status quo

Individuality is a costly choice

While “name sake” is quite praised


With no hit from below

Where those whose nude colors no longer shine and grow

Because they have become filthy

Conformity is a waste


It sticks those branded “others”

Into a proximal place

Where categories have no significance duty

But to smother a man’s genuine ingenuity

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