The Cure To Life

Fri, 09/12/2014 - 20:31 -- Tinted

Minds are crippled from the so called cure.

The doctor says "here take this" now people are passed out on the floor.

Your friends think its fun to take, your parents think skipping doses might be a fatal mistake.

Some addicts try to quit, but it's a habit they can't break.

Two or three days they get the shakes, trapped in a horried state they can't escape.

Once again the so called "[medicine]" comes to save the day and makes all the pain go away.

When the pill wears off, the person might start iching their skin untill it tears off.

Still need the pill, but now all friends are gone because the [patiant] only believes the doctor and everyone who loves this person must be dead wrong.

SInce when was it a mental or physical condition, to not be able to bear the simple sickness of death that we all get from the symptoms of living?


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