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Tell me the tale of a good old node.  The one who stirs at everyone's mode Taking a hint of what to from each imitation  What a virtue to behold.  
Walking through the talking woods, looking at the reflecting water, I see a bag of old goods and empty bottles underwater.  
The air is cool and inviting The mosquitoes suck at my succulent skin Rejoicing at the soft and limber limbs I possess Streetlights illuminate my smile As I witness a young child snoozing in a stroller
Dear friend,  How are you? I must confess, That mine eyes have not seen, Your beautiful tress.    Of green leaves, And long boughs,  And fresh, gentle touch.    I miss you, 
A battle of balance resides withinThe confines of my heartA push and a pullAn ebb and flowAll beginning with a startAn electric shock A beating pulseTo discover what makes me tick
She creeps down dark halls that Time has left, deserted, to echoed whispers.   The cold, stone-smooth floors, trod on by countless ancients, could tell kings' secrets.  
I see friends travel,  experience new things and step onto foreign gravel. They walk a different path. My experience is less than half.
It is painful to see that life is counted by the amount of breathes we take and not by the amount of moments that take our breathe away. The confines of our mind is where we are kept busy with work, school,
By: David Avery The universe is full of magnificent things And there is no way but journeying through the World, and opening your mind, to see it. Awe-some things like the sunset at night,
I dreamed of jumping beyond the realms of dirt and pavement-- to soar as far as the wind could take me. So I leapt. But once I reached that farthest point--the spot I once desired most, I came back.
Everyone says your old now That its your time to explore and mature Excuse me, but I am not a scow I am someone who can be easily detoured I am still young and unsure
Over oceans, over seas Travel takes you where you please Some can lived enclosed in boxes, But that’s not for me   Through the jungles, past the woods Seeing cultures, learning new ways
On a new conquest, I embark Travel light I found the temple in the dark Wet, yet warm Beautiful stems Curl around my arm Deeper I go The water does flow I feel it in the walls 
What I have lived for hitherto is not of conformity, But for my own thoughts and beliefs without straying afar from the norm.  As a small penguin of a large world,
                                                        Without these filters I Am Human. The pain that I feel Emotional or physical Is real The laughter I have
I've traveled the map of you -
Green light filtering down Upon a floor littered with stone Littered with glass and dust   An unmoving body stirs A tunneled room lay before him His vision clears as realization dawns  
Warm humbling nights after rain,quiet mornings when the day is brand new - 
Explode into the world, leaving your inhibitions in the dancing wind.  Your comfort zone is a place to forget and leave behind, for outside of it greater things are accomplished.
  Lets drift away
If you could be the next thing you see Would you do it? Would you take your chances as a bumble bee Or would you rather just forget it?    Life is too short to stay the same Even if you're great.
I watch as the bird flaps her wingsPropelling herself accross a distanceShe lands on a flower, delicate and whiteBreathing in the aroma, relishing the chanceThe dove, she flies around again
  Little ant in the hole, Go dig like a mole, Little ant in the hole, Don’t go explore.   For you do not know what is out there, The unknown is forbidden, and that is why it is evil.  
To eternity and back again. To see life in a perspective in which only i can give. Shooting stars and a floating fortress, Life in jars and watching it go by on porches. Stories at the tip of every tongue.
You’d be surprised how much power we have over our own minds. I imagine survival back before our times and the development that required. They used their brains and had too. Using each part and functioning as one form.
Explore my mind, Explore my mind What am I to be? Who am I t find? What will life bring to me? Why do I feel blind? Blinded by my destiny, my true destiny I wonder A Poet, an actress, a dancer
A sea away, Endlessly long days, No sleep at night, A few fights, Plenty of giggles New food that jiggles, Chance of a lifetime, Cost way more than a dime, Want to go back,
The sun rises rises in my soul. The rays dance and  explodelike lyrics hitting the ear. I am the song. Illusionsshatter like glass. I morph into a dazzling tapestry of shadow and  light. Thesetting sun no longer reminds me of death.
The sounds of a sweet bird; lively, buoyant, and free, The sounds of a bitter bird; bleak, melancholy, and confined.
  Tick Tock. I don't have time for this.
I left them behind in the airport    and forgot to look back   Eight months and twenty-eight days    this country has been growing in me    kicking until I crumble and stand back up
Entangled with the path of wandering I find myself often here pondering Which road should I take? Can I go back? WIll I forget? Confused I find myself tangled here Ropes from friends and other 'Dears',
There is no feeling, Quite like the moments before you step on stage, In front of a packed house, Your stage director looks at you and says, 30 seconds to curtain,
I got introduced to this CREW When I became a part of DRAMA It was for my high school PLAY Some day it feels like i live HERE As if this is my FIRST HOME.
Wanderlust I want to see the world I need to experience the sectional wonders And gape openly at this earth’s natural splendor I want to see the world I must explore every inch
A world unseen by these eyes is a world I crave with a huge desire To walk along a path unknown, to see a world lived by those before. All I want is to discover new, to see a side of me that I never knew.
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