sex education

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Even though the topic of sex makes me feel uncomfortable, there is a problem that needs to be addressed. For years in school, they teach us about sex between a man and a woman,
I have a few questions; I don't understand.
I believe in the education system that tells our youth how to do IT safely rather than not at all. IT. Yes. IT. IT as in sex.  
Colorful,beautiful full of life Brilliant,cozy,soft Full of color,diffrent Spirals of bright rich life Fiery hells,flamboyant screams Painful solitaire Then endless blank nights
Calculus, multiple algebras, and more English than one could ever want I think I know enough But it's nothing to flaunt Am I just a bluff? I know math equations and I know sentence structure
It’s me. I’m here. I want to change the world. That’s hard, I know, but it’s what I want to do. Being an activist is my dream, making sure we all have our full human rights.
The one thing I would change is how girls are taught to be women.  
Don't take it away don't let us regress we've pushed that boulder up the mountain and now it's threatening to roll right back down to crush us to smother freedom.
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