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  Enola’s first born Over Hiroshima-shi Burnt off’(sp)ring            *** Dead bodies Become Ōta's waves
The Way Of The World
The sun has risenBeautiful clear blue skiesThe birds sing their songThe sleepy city comes to lifeThe daily warning soundsThen disappears foreverThe city can go on today
Switch lanes, fast pace, different narrow streets Different city, different veterans sleeping on concrete Lone wolves devoured by group of carnivorous pigs Heat-fuelled MACH, punches off the judges' wig
When the morning arises and the city blooms a flower Rooted deep in the heart of man It spreads grotesquely in the light of the brightest sun Urging forward the time for murder and creation  
Boom, Boom, two were dropped. Lives of soldiers saved due to. A cold age after.
In the heat of the day Toxic waste in the air No children out to play No civilization anywhere
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