Time Bomb


Switch lanes, fast pace, different narrow streets

Different city, different veterans sleeping on concrete

Lone wolves devoured by group of carnivorous pigs

Heat-fuelled MACH, punches off the judges' wig

Time-wired, consuming spark of the dynamite

Blast radius, chain reaction, valcanoe ignites

Eruption, lava-oozed path of bones and bogs

Smokey ashes pollute the breath of the smog

Slowed reaction as the oxygen inhales

As dark clouds of deception begin to set sail

To sandy deserts, creating the facade

Seduce lord of flies, works of Scherezade

Waterless rains quench thirsts of mirages

Sniper valley, death creek, no hint of being cautious

Subdue the protests of the deep conscience

Guantanamo those who don't fit in a coffin



This, at the beginning, portrays veterens who become discriminated after wars, such as the Vietnam War and shifts its focus on a group of political figures that control situations regarding war, like a president and supreme court judges. "Mach Punch" is a reference to Pokemon, but also a reference to the speed of planes (Mach number). Basically, what it says is presidents can wage war and the Supreme Court Judges may be too knocked out from their senses to call the action illegitimate and unconstitutional. "Time-wired" shifts a motion back to World War II, in 1945, when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed. The next line depicts the literal size and reaction of them as well as the figurtive. It's compared to that of the heat and destruction of lava, but of course much worse, in which that it caused a great deal of pollution worse than that of a valcano. As a result, a new world was born. "Slowed reaction" takes us back to the present, seventy years later, and fills what happened in between in global politics. The first part is more critical on the Cold War's containment policies around the globe, specifically third world countries, where both sides, Democracy and Communism, would portray their type of government as perfection, but in reality both are flawed in some sense, hense the "facade". In "seduce the lord of flies" has two interpretations: from the book "Lord of Flies", by William Golding, the lord of flies was a pig's head, referring to the greedy, money making schemes of the Middle Eastern political figures who let the corruption happen unchallenged or, using the same book, the lord of flies was a symbolism of righteousness to Ralph, but that symbolic meaning is crushed when it's seduced by the facades provided. The "seduced by Scheherazade" half refers to the "Scheherazade and the One Thousand and One Nights", where a woman, Scheherazade, marries a king who beheads his wife after the first night, surviving by telling the king stories. After 1,001 days, she runs out of stories and by that time the king falls in love with her and is seduced by her beauty. This could figurtively relate to the Scheherazade-like tactics implemented in foreign policy. Water and rain, in the next line, symbolizs knowledge. People, referring to citizens of the Third World countries, are thirsty for the truth and knowledge but they can't attain any for it's not provided. Third World citizens' lives are at stake everyday. They have to live through the political and social turmoils facing their country. It's become such a norm, they began to be less cautious or it's become such an issue where there is no place for anyone to be cautious, refered to in the next line. In the line after that, it symbolizes the philosophies of the power hungry where they either silence those who raise up against this flawed system or label them a terrorist if you can't fund for the bullets to shoot them, relating back to events such as protesters in Iran or people injusticely imprisoned.

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