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She's not real I tried to convince myself as she stepped out of her painting Her silky voice sent shivers down my spine And when she outstretched her hand to touch me Her skin seemed to be made of ice
I saw you today.   Your umbrella wavering in the rain.   Until I realized it wasn’t you.   The days we spent chasing each other in the rain,
Chunks of his face fall away.  Her figure of ash disintegrates.  Your breath is toxic.  Don't you see you're a killer?  Stay away.  Stay. Away.  They turn to stone that crushes their life. 
Once upon a timeTomorrow was not an optionThe moon, the stars, the sun woulda all be goneSight would be lostOne day  
they cam e back this time they wanted my hands so I couldnt lay fingerprints on anything anymore no evidence of my evil  just poison from my wrists they wanted to see
We were introduced to medication at seven and eleven. My brother's first thought was to break open the capsule To the sound of my parents saying, "No, no, no."   Now we're poppin' pills from PEZ dispensers
The words hit the paper like the tears hit my wrists; The ink flows like the blood from my arms; The open spaces Letters spinning Words shaking
I remember that morning As many as three times a week   And I remember the shrieks   And I remember yelling your name with a question mark  
You hear the muffled whispers hiding in this room you're listening and you're listening but still the whispers loom haunting whispers in the night you know that they should give you fright
He comes in the quiet whispering about bloodied hands and a twisted, dirty, ugly soul wearing a plain girl's face His lips skim along my skin The barest touch as he tells a loveless story
Life lost, a lost life, Youth wasted, a wasted youth, Tired of trials, trial and error, No end in sight, living in terror, A slave to the night, always running scared,
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