"Brother Pill, are you awake?"

We were introduced to medication at seven and eleven.

My brother's first thought was to break open the capsule

To the sound of my parents saying, "No, no, no."


Now we're poppin' pills from PEZ dispensers

Arms crossed like lovers taking shots

Wondering if the next one will be enough to end the onslaught.

Maybe if we stitch ourselves together,

We won't break against the weather

But our string is wet; the needle turned into a cigarette.

I'm afraid to go outside in case I might lose my eyes

So hold me close, brother.

We're all we have.

Before they trade us for some other,

Send us down the gypsy line.

By God, we're out of time.

We can't say goodbye no more

We can't check for signs no more

We can't be alive no more

Save us from our lives before-


Before what?

What dreams did we have before seven and eleven

That we lost on the walk to heaven?

Now Hell's at our doorstep; we forgot to prep

Where's our apocalypse gear?

Run, before he gets here

But he's already inside - made up our minds

Do it, that deed.

Pull out the knife, don't put up a fight, wait-


Wake up.

This is what medication did to us?

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My family
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