She's Not Real

She's not real
I tried to convince myself as she stepped out of her painting
Her silky voice sent shivers down my spine
And when she outstretched her hand to touch me
Her skin seemed to be made of ice
I felt freezing winds blow in the spots she touched
But She's Not Real
My body was shaking as I looked into her beautiful eyes
I couldn't hold eye contact for long though
I was terrified
Why could I see her moving?
Why could I hear her silk voice echoing in my mind?
Why could I feel the ice of her skin against mine?
But more importantly
Why didn't I want her to leave?
I could feel her presence
Despite knowing no one sat in front of me
As I engulfed myself in fear
She whispered to me that its okay
I don't have to be alone
I can let go of the terror that's shaking me
And as I looked back into her eyes
A sudden calmness took hold of me
Maybe she's not real
But that doesn't need to scare me
If she's only in my mind,
Then why should I fear her?
Why should I be afraid of this beautiful being before me?

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