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What is Poem? It is the birth of a star Shooting through galaxies of cosmic flirtation  The Big Bang vibrating through every sense settling itself in vision and pictures 
i walk amongst an ocean of stars in a world of shadow. touch the reflection, obsessive perfection. the uncertainties of my mind permeate my very step, a constellation of faces in unfamiliar places.
I can feel her force like a tsunami. Her crashing, all-consuming presence around me; Leaving me breathless and my lungs aching for air... I drown in her.
Like an ocean, deep and wide and wonderful, words fill me. When bright and still you calm me. When angery and brash you call me to action, When blue and cold you consume me with sadness for past mistakes.
Dear Us,   Baby, be bold Dont just Do what you're told You've got a voice like gold Don't let your soul be sold   See the rink? Get in there.   
Covered in a fury of flames,And subsequent smoke,I called for some water to quench myparched self.So you,My beautiful,Last signal flare,guided me to your outstretched arms.You became my oceanOf loveAnd shallow devotion.I grasped for your hand,Sear
Oceans rise Oceans fall Who are we to change the oceans? Oceans create Oceans destroy When did we change the lives in the oceans?
Let’s cruise into the most divine abyss, The ocean of wonders! How dare squander. Let’s get lost in the sea, the best of bliss. The further we go, the more I wander.  
The ocean was blue
I am a wanderer I allow myself to explore the outer reaches of my mind and world
I feel the calming waves Lapping at me Through the bright Blistering sun And stealing away Every ounce of innocence  I once possessed   I have never felt so distant From reality
My emotions come in waves. Much like the ocean, I feel deep shades of blue. Blue is a numb color, but the ocean, much like myself, is so full of life. I feel ferocity. I feel peace.
I had a dream that the trees were orange  and your heart was red and  I floated like dying leaves through your head. you said  i felt like fire burning through your veins. you spent
Hold on tight as the wind is blowing by  Grab onto the side and don't you let go, It will feel heavy but the days will fly.   The vibrations may make you want to die
Mysterious creatures immersed in the absence of light Peculiar looking things, invisible to the naked eye A place so deep no men have ventured due to fright The darkness enclaves all signs of life  
  Matter under mind
I watch from the balcony She's sitting there surrounded by the sea The ebb and flow swallow Her vision of me There's a crowd around her Yet she's still lonely Everything is so clear
Under the cold salty ocean Bright scaley fish are plunging against the west wind drfit The sound of crashing waves is to music to your ears The oceasn water is azured as the clear blue sky
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