affirmative action

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The melting pot stopped melting because water can only boil so much when there are no additives; I am not an addict, but I know addition. I can churn out chorizo like your ancestors could churn butter.
Picture Have to get his picture don’t know his name never seen him before today He needs to be punished They won’t put in the effort without a name
The phrase, “culture and tradition are the enemies of evolution” is the modern artists excuse to erase what had been before, and impose themselves on the works of life. Such misery!
Tis your right! Thou has becometh a person Thou has becometh Awesome What is this? huh? I never knew ? How? Awesome? Yes. Thank you
abird in the skyfell to die, yet a will to driveand  mind on restfell into a nestgod blessed! a new kind of test-with feathers, my strengthhis renewal
  MCWM Middle Class White Male working hard every day Twelve years of school with nothing less than an A Thirty points shy of a perfect SAT
why is the media scary todayTwenty dudes got married and gaythe world viewed it as okayfor marriage i prayin our flesh we stay the blessed lamb we slayyou want to see my nigtmarestune in and turn on
Sometimes we forget that in this varied world Among the mix of backgrounds Ethnicities Languages Or whatever makes you stand out There are people like me Filling in the "White" box
Even prior to this movement, I have always hated those who seek equality. I abhor the thought of becoming one with animals that are filthy. Just why even bother fighting for their rights,
Demo-, people, cracy-, government A society for, by, and of the people, But without education, democracy cannot exist, A society endowed with intellectuals provides the true key,
We are all one but we live as if divided we share the same pain and shed blood for what we belive in Yes we all have issues but let us not incorporate that into violence.
It is their mission, To gleefully condition, Our fine nation, To hate a station, no lower than themselves.
Did the end of inequality start in Vermont in 1777 or Did it start in at the end of the first month in 1865. Can we put a date to the day when people realized civil disobedience was
Did the movement really end? The feelings, tensions, all amend? Or does separation still exist? Hatred and doubt with a twist? The current world presents ignorance, Prevalent distrust, shouting for guidance.
Did the movement really end? The feelings, tensions, all amend? Or does separation still exist? Hatred and doubt with a twist? The current world presents ignorance, Prevalent distrust, shouting for guidance.
I sit at your table and order a shake I am not hungry for anything, save justice. My stomach aches for an acknowledgement of my humanity an ounce of compassion
What did they fight for, Those brave souls marching in the streets? They wanted equality and justice, These two freedoms guaranteed. Facing power and gunfire during their fight
America, the land of the free to act out And always stay free
It is said to "not judge a book by its cover", Mama's advice. Yet I am judged. Justified by society and immense disparity.
Who are they to judge me? Who are they to conspire against me? The KKK, no shame, despising me and laughing in my face.
Opression hits hard My spirit holds up with strength Hopes high for freedom
Slavery is equal Revenge is justice Life or death Where’s our breath We run on feet We curse with tongues Hateful words we spray Vengeance we play
Looking down from heaven the angels sing Black men, white men let freedom ring From the north to the south to the east to the west To the rich to the poor to the wise to the blessed
Extra! A boy yells from the sidewalk Handing out factual ink In exchange for a dime. Extra! "Black Man Sent to Prison." Intellectuals are confused. He committed no crime. Extra!
We live in a place Filled with promises That are disgraced Where some are privileged and others oppressed While our ignorance continues This disgrace Land of equality Bull shit I say
Sometimes we go through tough times To expose peoples true sides Sometimes we go through calamity To bring together two or three to love and forgive To inspire and change And move past the here and now
There's no one keeping you down he says because the President is Black You don't need a scholarship for your melanin because the President is Black
Affirmative action. A good idea? Perhaps. Equality for all races... Hate that word, races. Tells of a division Separate groups Of black, and white. "Why?" some ask Not understanding
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