The Racist


Even prior to this movement, I have always hated those who seek equality.

I abhor the thought of becoming one with animals that are filthy.

Just why even bother fighting for their rights,

When all these creatures do is confront one another with fistfights

Lower-beings should not be allowed to roam free

I will be the first to admit that I am as racist as can be.

Being the white-supremacist that I am, I only accept my kind.

I firmly believe that whites should make up all of mankind.

I can’t imagine anything better than a planet of Caucasians

Except maybe one that is free of chinky Asians.

 Not all my hate goes toward those small-eyed freaks

Anybody who isn’t white horribly reeks.

Not only do I hate Asians, I hate blacks

But guess what? I also hate wetbacks

Those beaners live illegally in our country and dare to call us gringos?!

So what if we white folk call black people Negros?

After all, the word “Negro” means black in Spanish

If they don’t like being called by what they are, they should just vanish.

I miss the good old days of slavery.

Keeping those slaves under control must require bravery

I want to hear the wonderful crack of the whip

And then jump into a pool of their blood to take a dip

They should be working for us, those dumb nigger fucks

If only they still did, I would buy a few for a couple of bucks.

It is not my fault that I turned out this way.

I have had terrible experiences with people of color almost every day

Don’t judge my way of thinking until you my tale

You’ll come to agree with me that people of color should all be in jail.


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