And Yet

I sit at your table and order a shake
I am not hungry for anything,
save justice.
My stomach aches for an acknowledgement
of my humanity
an ounce of compassion
I want to be fed with the same graciousness as you
but the shake drips from my curls and the sandwich lands by my feet
(as I thought it would)
(as I knew it would)

Yet, I am the barbarian?

My black shoes
worn hand-me-downs from my older brother
dance across cracked concrete
side step into the street
slide back onto gray pavement
as you walk by

Yet, I take up too much space?

One day this will cease
The system torn down by my civil disobedience
I'll take up entire sidewalks as I march to the presidency
Whoops, I meant,
I'll sit at your diners just as I'll take up several
Justice seats
Senate seats
House seats

And yet, true equality has not been reached

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