stop bullying

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What the reason of bullying What do people gain in bullying Some people can't archive their dreams What is the reason for roaming around bullying people People commit suicide because of you bullies
I will never understand what we fear. The feelings that we have, suddenly disappear . We laugh and play but when your gone they reappear. The mask that we wear, it hides it all,
Stop. you heard me stop. Yes Iḿ talking to you, all of you. Stop what you’re doing and listen to me. Stop thinking about how weird this is, Stop it my hairstyle shouldn't matter to you.
Stop. you heard me stop. Yes Iḿ talking to you, all of you. Stop what you’re doing and listen to me. Stop thinking about how weird this is, Stop it my hairstyle shouldn't matter to you.
  She was taken When she was needed the most Her pure innocence Shattered And only by words
The girl Was all alone She cried inside  And hid behind Her tears that Blinded her
Growth Getting bigger Growing up Getting smarter These don't always go hand in hand
Her name was Jessie got bad messages every day said she gets layed Rushed to her room Crying away not even knowing someone cared Went to school everyday hair in braids but felt locked away
She wants to be deadBecause of all the words she hears.She never tried to fight the lies that were said.The lies come in many forms; some were read others were heard.The sad part is its not just her who have to fight the wordsThe words that feels
Do not hide or cry. God has reasons you are you. It's okay, be you.  
I wasn't prepared. I guess I was blissfully unaware of everything you never said. "Mommy, I don't want to live", the shot to my chest, and then the awful words  upon that little IPod screen.
Going from hallway to hallway facing each demons' twisted face. "Why are they laughing" "Why are they whispering" "Are they talking about me?" Questions never spoken aloud.  
Dont get me wrong i didnt enter this place in a haste i was still too young and all she did was to advice me to wait but like a fingerling in a pond i never wanted to be used as a bait  
Tears in her eyes, Time seemed to stop by. Blade on her hand, Blood will soon shed. She was done with life, so much bad stuff, she wasn't tough, everyone said. She did it, 
I look upon the moving crowd Slowly sighing, looking down Hurting, fallen, angry, shy Now I cannot just seem to fly   I hear the Rumors in the halls Now I get unwanted calls
Yo to all you bullies out there
Do I know you? The words you pronounce  are so ugly and dirty, But you say they fit me just perfectly.  Do I know you?  No, I do not  but here I am lying on the floor
Just make it stop! I'm ready to go! I'm tired I'm beat I'm ready to call a quits I can't take it! The laughing! The Taunting! Its to much! Entirely to much! They talk, and talk, and talk
Why do you have to hate me? I didn't do anything to you You love my pain my sorrow my sadness You act as though I've hurt you tormented you abused you, when I've never even spoken to you.
This isn't technically a poem but this should be seen:
I hear laughter. I tense up. "Nobody likes you." "You're ugly. I've heard these words before.  Stupid words Shallow But they hurt.   I shake my head. "No."
Why must you always pick on the weak? You get a sense of empowerment but It's funny how you back down when I speak.   You constantly mess with him because he's a "geek"?
  In the darkest moment My heart cried out in fear All alone to lament Not a friend to lend an ear     Pain like that bites the soul It can break a heart in half
Why is it I get on this moving vehicle that takes me to a place I don't want to be? Please no, no no. "Mom can I please stay home, I don't feel so well?" "No" shes says "you have to go."
Grab a hand and stand together   let here a heartfelt welcome  hand by hand race by race  together we stand equal   strong and firm We are never alone   so be a friend and lend an ear
Stop the hate, the worry , hurt and fear Don't judge so harshly, you never know what they've been through Their whole life has been a struggle, right now they are wondering if they should take their own life
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