Mask Off

I will never understand what we fear.

The feelings that we have, suddenly disappear .

We laugh and play but when your gone they reappear.

The mask that we wear, it hides it all,

But once it’s off the tears will fall. 

The front that is displayed ,It is only a replay.

Because what’s inside my head, Is saying it’s to late.

There is never an answer to my questions,

Questions that answer all my desperation.

Like I will never understand what is my purpose Because I’m worthless. 

I am mentally ashamed because I will never be the same.

I’m talked about and messed with, and all I do is laugh.

But don’t let the mask fool you because I’m hurt.

I will never trust again because I’m treated like dirt and this isn’t a first.

The thoughts that I have you shouldn’t have, but I’ve never given up hope so I know you can hang on the rope.

You know the quick way out is the weak way out. 

And that’s why I here today trying to work it out. 

That mask that we wear is unbelievably powerful.

It hides our hurt, feelings, and emotions 

Cherish others feelings because you don’t know what they hide 

It is all just life giving you a scare 

So never underestimate the mask we wear. 

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