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People should feel free to make favourable or unfavourable comments on any subject matter, But when we have one-sided commenting on websites, we only hear unfavourable opinions.
Snap was all that was heard,A hunter misses his bird, He cursed the twig asunder,Reaching for his powder and plunger, lost though his chance at a partridge,He continued, Bit off his cartridge,
Readers, is there really a difference between capital punishment and murder? Let us examine the definition of murder that we find in the encyclopaedia
There should not be laws against the possession of and use of marijuana Humans think they have the power and authority to illegalise a natural plant The vegetation of the earth has been here before mankind was formed .
Men should be able to make laws about women Women should be able to make laws about men We should all have the same respect for each other and try to understand each other
It is a fact that not every lawful thing is morally right, Neither is every unlawful thing morally wrong   Something is essentially wrong with the laws of man Why should anybody respect biased, unjust laws?  
1865...a year of freedom Free at last! Free at last! I have a dream to be free From these cold chains of brass. Colored in bondage Bounded by ivory ignorance. Fighting for freedom is a crime
In a stereotypical patriarchal society,  I would soon have wifely duties and keep my mouth shut.  How boring.    "Your poor boyfriend," they say because I remind him, in the future,
When tragedies happen we often think, "it didn't happen to me, So it doesn't matter as much" we think we are a safe distance from the violence.  That's what they want us to think. 
I am always in the passenger seat.   You can drive me wherever, But there is nothing I can do.   If I protest, I still can't drive. If I try to drive, I crash.  
Love thy neighbor Love thy brothers and sisters Believer in Him or not One cannot deny, Love thy neighbor   To love thy neighbor To love thy brothers and sisters One must open their hearts
The heterosexual white men of our country are blinded with their star-spangled eyes, As the rest of us become motivated and brave. Yes, this may be the “land of the free”,
For the justice of humanity. For the justice of Fong Lee. For the justice of all casualties of racial ideologies. For the killing of Trayvon Martin who had a bag of skittles
"Still a Tragedy" by Dayo d. Dejo 
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