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Why did God make only Adam at first when he made other creatures male and female?   Is it not strange that God saw the need for a human female after he made Adam?  
My body was a vessel for the male ego, An instrument of pleasure and of sexual gain, Until a sensory angel came into my life And turned sex into love again.   
Hello, I'm Diamond, or at least I would like to be, If I told you that I was, you would have to believe me. But I could be someone else, An imposter or traitor, criminal or spy,
I normally don’t like reading about political opinions in poetry. It is not a place for poets to duel with the pen; it is supposed to be a place of peace, of tranquility.
The meaning of identity  is having a close similarity affinity  identifying oneself to another  idea. To be  or not is no the same  you see to be means
This word I hear that burns my ears This word THOT meaning 'That Hoe Over There'.   The disrespect slandering the female race also describes the male who's always up for a chase.
        We kissed, I felt her lips connect as if we were one, and yet I wanted more. I could not resist her, her looks of pleasant torture, and warmest of the body. Long ago, her beauty vanished, and left there was nothing but hate.
Everyday, I wake up, I shower, I  get dressed, add a spritz of cologne. I go to school, work, the grocery store, hoping someone will notice me. He, them, half the population. I scream inside my head "Please!!!! Notice me!
Crow’s Ink  
A warm chilly evening filled with much charm,while inside a young couple was in each other's arms.A blazing fireplace crackled that made the air wamwhile on TV a soap opera performed.The woman was pale and not feeling too good;The man wanting to h
I traumatize myselfMy white wallsAnxiety hovers over me when patients and people enter 2002It started when she was nine years old,her grandfather was laying there in his hospital bed.
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