Love Bug

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 20:10 -- YMT2014


A warm chilly evening filled with much charm,while inside a young couple was in each other's arms.A blazing fireplace crackled that made the air wamwhile on TV a soap opera performed.The woman was pale and not feeling too good;The man wanting to help, but didn't know if he could.'Honey', he said in a sweet, gentle tone'I would understand if you prefer to be alone.'She gazed in his eyes and let out a sigh;she shook her finger and tipped his head high.Admiring his complexions, she stroked back his hair'Stay with me now and don't go anywhere,'He smiled the grin that made her heart race;in a world so confused she was finally in place.'But I have to admit, I'm not doing so well.I feel so under a spell.'He laid his palm on the top of her head,'You're a little warm, you should go lay in bed.'She shook her finger once more that nightand said, "No, no something is not right.My stomach doesn't hurt and I don't have to sneeze;in a weird sense I feel at ease.'He questioned her remark and concluded, 'The flu!'No high fever this couldn't be true.He sat in awe with what could be wrong,not sure if this sickness would pass along.He cradled her face and gave her a kiss;nothing in her mind but the sensation of bliss.'What was that for? That was something anew.''I want you to know I'll be here for you.'And soon after that he studied her face;nothing unusual, just stunning grace.As they stared out the window they noticed a dove,'Honey I know, it's the symptoms of love!'


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