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My days are the yearning kind Desiring for what only God can provide  Looking elsewhere for what can only be found inside  Luke 17:21 set of mind 
(This is a Persona Poem for Min Yoon-Gi)   An inspiration, that’s what we’ll call my life path. The melody still rings in my ear when I hear their claps. The melody that plays now,
after “The Blue Kool” by Terrance Hayes   Yo, you as dumb as the sidewalk beneath my feet. That’s why I feel dissing you is a waste of my  
I am four wallsI am brickI am stoneI am brokeI make brokenI am the "un fun" in unfunded
They call me a slut Tell me I’m a bitch That I’m fat And that I’m ugly.
Personas vacillate 'tween what is good,
This mask is made from the best fabric all from France but it’s not the same from Austria this dress is not what I used to be able to wear instead of soft swoops and swoosh from subtle fabric
Fallen to a safe, vulnerable country with no hope of escape loneliness is my security and fear has control of my fate the fate that has left me long ago to succumb
She has a guard up made of venom to feel safe it never comes downHer past is not pretty She is constantly getting hurt            Whipped with harsh words            Her self-esteem drops but she does not let it show
Asleep; I tremble and shakeWishing I were awakeAwake; I shake and trembleSeeing how my nightmare seems to resembleThis place as bleak as hellYet here I continue to dwellWaiting for the sweet breathThe sweet breath of Death So when my life does cea
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