Marie Antoinette

This mask is made from

the best fabric all from France

but it’s not the same from


this dress is not what I

used to be able to wear

instead of soft swoops and

swoosh from subtle fabric


Restless walking

lifeless moving

is now chained to

my waist


But this affection

I get from the beauty

of my hair

and the chocolate scent

coming from my rose

tainted lips

the heads turn

when I walk through

those masked faces

the adoration of all


That is not what I got in Austria


And these

delectable treats

all tasty and sweet

piled high

on tables

everyone must get to taste

“Give them cake”

I yell

smiling that’s all anyone



For I hear they are suffering

but once I had this cake

I felt so much better too

“Give them cake!”





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