The Blue Books

after “The Blue Kool” by Terrance Hayes


Yo, you as dumb as the sidewalk beneath my feet.

That’s why I feel dissing you is a waste of my


intelligence, but, ladies and gents,

here I am. You may have the limousine,

the expensive-ass jacket,


but tell me, Kool, cornier than Kid Cuisine,

do you really think you can outsmart me?


I wear my parachute pants so Mrs.

Kool has some easy access,


ya feel me? Cause your girl sure does.

Come back to me when you stop sweating


from that ugly-ass, knock-off, fake

diamond faux fur coat. Goodwill

equals good deals, but go ahead,


spend a couple bands on some

scratchy, fake shit.


They call me Books because my rhymes

are a Shakespearean experience,

I’ll write your side chick


a sonnet, 14 lines, now she’s really feelin’ it.

A symphony? Boy, this is my magnum opus.


Don’t need no sympathy, chill the hell out,

Kool, you need to focus. Your rhymes are wack,

little guy. Don’t talk about me.

     - kaden alexander bell

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