A Hymn for the Try-Hard

(This is a Persona Poem for Min Yoon-Gi)


An inspiration, that’s what we’ll call

my life path.

The melody still rings in my ear when

I hear their claps.

The melody that plays now,

it draws me back,

To that day I first blurted out I wanted

to sing, to rap.

They said I’d never make it, some poor kid like me

would never last.

The hands that raised me,

now raised to pull me back.

My songs in the trash,

It won’t stop me, my bad.

All the abuse, harsh reality,

sorry Mom, sorry Dad.


[All the hardships and all the struggles I endured,

            going days without eating to get to my career.


How many times do we notice the firsts?

        How many firsts do we let go because of fear?]


How many firsts bring meaning

to your life?

The first song I ever heard, the tune,

led me on my way.

To the first dream I ever dreamt about singing,

causing my strife.

To the first song I ever wrote,

those words so cliché.

To the time my shoulder shattered,

you never think it’ll happen to you.

To the feeling of finally stepping on that stage,  

my debut.


Everything I have built,

the blood stains my hands.

Every word I wrote,

jaded by my corrupt mind.

Every hit I took,

made my determination grow

You say that you succeeded,

how can you succeed when you’ve never been broke?

They say I try too hard,

but take a look at look at me, Artist of the year.

I can proudly say,

This is my first time rising above. I flew. I persevered.


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