New Mexico Dreams


United States
38° 58' 51.0924" N, 77° 23' 2.832" W
United States
38° 58' 51.0924" N, 77° 23' 2.832" W

New Mexico dreams can’t shake the salt from the icy New York streets, and I might need glasses ‘cuz I can’t see straight. Too many empty glasses, ‘cuz I can’t see straight.

I dreamt that she smoked and she was so much more sexy, god damn.

God damn, I took so many drags that god damn it I was on fire.

Kerosene lips lightt their own cigarettes.

Kerosene dawns light the sky on fire.

New Mexico dreams, houses in hills, hiding holes, all of  them have holes punched through 'em. I can’t sleep all day, so drug and drink will do, but god I wanna live.

I wanna live nowhere, and do nothing intentionally, not just accidentally, incidentally, I told ‘em all.

Well I have been dreaming about being awake and not drowning and not both caring and not sleeping and not just dreaming. Well I have been dreaming about New Mexico, and being orange or tan, or not so yellow on my belly. Not so red in my head1, not nearly so dead, and so much more read for no reason other than no reason at all.

I swear to god

 I saw God sleeping in that gutter and he must have been freezing. His belly was bloated and diabetic. If you look you have to give him

a slim silver shape or green paper, and it's easier to be apathetic.

1: this is a reference to my politics, and also a reference to the idea of "seeing red", ie, I want to be more than just angry all the time.

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