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it is okay to cry to feel sadness it is okay to stop and take a deep breath and restart it is okay to be sad to want to give up it is not okay to 
I am that tree you see over there. No not the beautiful one with deep intertwining roots But the one just behind that. I have scores and gouges throughout my bark From the angle in which you see me I look full of life
She never knew what I was doing Cuz I was rebuilding the city Rebuilding the city Taking everything with me Rebuilding the city now another man got ya And the thangs that I got
A Voice, Barely a whisper, But load enough to be heard.   A light, Barely a flicker, But bright enough to be seen.   A shimmer of hope, A flicker of joy, A glimmer of love.
I am enigma, 
Insipred by the 2012 Waldo Canyon and 2013 Black Forest fires in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Rain, Rain Some say you're pain. You can destroy a community to which there is no immunity.
I saw,  I saw only black in my future. I felt, I felt my purpose disappear. I heard, I heard my father cry. Cry in the way where no son should hear. I see, I see my mothers eyes,
Once upon a time, I lost myself. I lost the sun. I lost the colors, the world, my smile. I lost the moon. I lost the stars, the light, my laughter. I lost the sky. I lost the clouds, the blue, my being. I lost my breath.
A black hole spit out my kind of light I’m on the road when I finally come to life Hit the gas, head for the city to feel tonight
I'm a visioner I see great things happening- Poetic Buildings  
Things that were so large now seem like nothing at all When residents leave their shelters they can't help but fall Material possessions that used to mean so much Now they just need a loving touch.
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