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When she flies. When she lights up.   Heart soaring, people bright, this is the feeling of flight. I cannot explain much, there is no explanation,
It is here where we lay our scene:A young fair maiden in a garden greenShe goes to smell the flowers today;They dance and whisper peacefully
They come down fast, falling from the sun. It’s last bit of light absorbed and turned on. They’re bright and they’re sudden,
I was staggering, drunk, holding onto my cousin as if she was now my physical crutch as well. It was pitch black, the trees surrounding us, and if they weren't attached to mother earth,
a cool breeze brushes across my face  the smell of grass and dirt fill the atmosphere, the crickets they chirp so loud, breaking through the silence of night the glow of fireflies dace around the field ,
memories handsome street
There was a time an eternity passed A mother, a father and two children. Bombs raining, oozing from crimson and clouds Over commorancies of families Into tombs, treasury, temples, and towns.
Those cool summer nights Not a cloud in sight Catching fire flies The glisten in your eyesOut under moon lit skies Time sure flys bye On those summer nights 
Fireflies dance beneath the moonlight, Their little bulbs flashing bright. The crickets sing their favourite song, Encouraging me to sing along. The smell of flowers tints the air,
The smell of honey suckle  Overwhelming the night air Damp and sweet The familiar smell soothes me I can hear the distant laughter  Children I suspect; innocent  But playing long after bedtime
At the age of 24I was driving down the urban road.The world seemed desolate,dark,alone,grim.In that drive of silence,I saw it.A faint green light.
I try to catch fireflies in summer, keep them in a jar. Watch them lighting up. When I miss, it's always a big bummer. Firefly-catching is not that grown-up. I dream about fireflies in Winter,
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