Forest Green Commons
169 Pillar Drive
United States
40° 30' 30.7296" N, 80° 12' 50.4252" W

I try to catch fireflies in summer, keep them in a jar.

Watch them lighting up.

When I miss, it's always a big bummer.

Firefly-catching is not that grown-up.

I dream about fireflies in Winter,

the absence of them reminds me of cold.

Icecicle-catching gives me a splinter.

The though of fireflies never gets old.

Light up my window as I sit and gaze,

next to me Rosie watches the bright show.

I will never forget these summer days,

as I sit and pout in the freezing snow.

You are merely a display for my eyes,

as I try to catch fifty fireflies.


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