Finding Freedom in Fireflies

Wed, 01/30/2019 - 18:43 -- Halah

It is here where we lay our scene:
A young fair maiden in a garden green
She goes to smell the flowers today;
They dance and whisper peacefully

But one thing stands out to her, trapped inside her eyes - 
She was captivated by the light of 1000 fireflies
Bumbling around, carefree and innocent
Much like a school-girl still young in her years

However, our maiden isn't quite so young now;
15 yet working by the sweat of her brow
Most days at least, as she is but alone
She only has her parents and the nature to comfort her

One day, she realized,
This would all pass, right before her eyes
So of course she has the wisdom to be carefree too,
Much like the fireflies she was captivated by

And the trees they whisper, and the bees they hum
But nothing will top her childhood home
So near to her,
So deep inside that she started to cry

She listened to the trees, and the tales they told
How interesting to hear tales of old
Stories before her time
Reminding her of the time quickly passing

But a little bit longer she stayed that day
In the garden by the bay
That she spent thinking and dreaming
Alas! Dare she dream?

For the world to have peace like the one she knows
In the garden while the wind blows
A gentle wind,
So soft, like a mother's touch

This was her peace, her sanctity, where she could freely dream
Isn't it funny? How silly it seems?
To see a carefree being,
Small like a firefly

And to have realized she could be like that too -
Looking up at the sky so blue
But 'tis life, one might say
To dream, to be carefree, and to live happily

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Our world


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