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It's been cloudy, strange darkness surrounds me, unable to move, unable to speak, A lonely silence telling its tale.  
Here I am again, broken, bleeding, crying, once again, my heart is broken, she broke me,
I'm happy, I lift my arms to open sky, go away my pain and sorrow, Today, I wanna be happy,
Sayonara my friend, At first, I tried to live without you, Asking thousands of questions to myself, How much more do I have to wait?
I can't count the times,   I hurt you yesterday's night,   I was irritated and furious,  
I'll remember the moment I fall for you,  I'll remember the time I was holding you,  because every moment I've been with you,  I feel alive,  
Looking at the picture of us,tons of thoughts come rushing to my mind,thinking of all the beautiful days we spent,I remembered how we used to fight with each other,
 It's been so long since you left, I shouldn't care but, I still do, I can't stop remembering the time we spent,
I'm hurt, At some point in my life, I wished to disappear from this world, I cried every night,
 In a faraway world, I'll try to find someone that is alike, But not quite similar to you.
I'm all alone in my head,  Fighting the demons inside me,  Looking for love,  But betrayal made my demons go wild.
Time passes by, She still remembered the day,  When he asked her out She was flustered, happy, and loved.   
It's been so cloudy up here, unable to think straight, resort to being depressed, being depressed leads to anxiety,
Here I am again, Bringing all the cold, and snow with me.    Some people hate me, 
I feel so tired tonight, I know I promised to be back, But sorry for not coming back. 
In the perfect season of the day, will our laughter remain?   I saw your eyes counting the stars,
It was so quiet, snowflakes were slowly falling. With each passing minute, 
I'm living in a dream, Save me! I want to wake up, I hate being in this dream, It's so dark here, I hate this night,  I want to wake up, save me! I can't bear it,
Another day has passed, thinking unusual stuff, Making myself bored to death... Walking all alone in the cold dark,
She was like the brightest star in   the sky,   which always enlighten   the moon.  
Chasing an Unacquired love is like chasing a horizon. Both seems so close, yet so far.
It's been so long since you left, But I'm still a little lonely, empty inside.
I'll be the moonlight,   and stay in you dreams,   & then I'll be broken by the dawn again.  
It was all a relief,   I don't have a sentence to describe the feeling of   belonging to the word "we"   
After a long time, I'm able to feel so free, free of all the burden, the burden that I was carrying!  
Life is so funny, Sometimes it lies, Sometimes it gets hard for  you!  
She saw him from the corner of the street, Kissing a girl around her neck, pulling her in,
One day, I will fade away,   Without any trace or letting    Anyone know about it.  
Ah! you again!   How'd you able to toy,   Toy with someone's heart,  
I wish, I could've told you How adorable you're when you smile, How cheerful you are when you speak,
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