Tale of the Darkness

Tue, 01/11/2022 - 11:04 -- azco

It's been cloudy,

strange darkness surrounds me,

unable to move,

unable to speak,

A lonely silence telling its tale.


He loved everyone,

neglected himself for people he loved,

Did things that people didn't know,

Having something genuine is all he ever wanted,

maybe that's why he tried so hard,

He wanted love,

He was hungry for love,

But he was darkness Afterall,

One by One,

His beloved people left him,

and he became lonely again,

but he wasn't a bit sad,

strangely he is only interested in happy memories,

An inspiration yet to be discovered,

A pure soul is hungry for love!


As the sun faded the darkness,

I realized there's a peace in the darkness,

and a sense of motherly care n love.

As I see him perish,

I can't help but cry,

But he promised to meet again,

maybe he's again ready to love people again,

A poor soul disappeared in silence...



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