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Walking down the street, Not a worry in mind. People around every corner And every door. What are my thoughts? I can't think. What are my intentions? I just want to go to the store.
Clothes are good,Clothes are bad,Clothes have blood,Clothes get sad. When one decides to hurt a cloth,And tear its heart-seams inside out,The cloth will never open bothIts mind and soul to people now. The hat, the shirt, the sock, the shoe,With fe
It took a year To learn more than I could have in the other sixteen.  It took a year For me to accept that you can outgrow people As you outgrow clothing:
Mini, midi, maxi Made from smooth silk, Or fluffy cotton, Or maybe rough burlap? Polka dots or stripes, Poodles or plaid,  Great for all occasions. A first date or a wedding,
When I was a little girl, I loved to play dress up I would go into our basement where we had a barrel full of clothes from times past And I would live in those times And everyone smiled and laughed
It is not a particularly taxing question Nor is it a question I can easily formulate a response The obvious answer to this question is that I find it chic, But there is more to it than that  
             I am a woman             I have long hair, I have a high voice, long lashes and lips of cherry             I have curves, I have breasts and a butt             And I love my body and I am proud  
Poor Kids in Bangladesh   Poor kids in Bangladesh; sweat, tears, heat, fears. Poor kids in Bangladesh.  
  Its simple parts cannot ever redress The mystery that dances across its folds Cloth and thread, no account for the success Which strikes plain garment with magic untold The power it wields to fully impress
Say you will bar me from your heavenScold me like a child who knows betterDeny my right to explain anythingSend me to the cornerSit me down in shame
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