' 'mother'

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Look me in the eye- See your daughter’s face reflected there. Look me in the eye-  And tell me, if you dare. Tell me you think I’m disgusting.
Formed and molded into the foundation of life and creation: Mothers are a Godly creation. Conditioned unconditionally, Mother's guide and nurture life to and past maturity Creating a bond match by no other.
Mom is sick, a sad thought, but there is one benefit, I can finally occupy the kitchen the forbidden lands of war
  As I roomed the beach looking at its beauty,  I saw the most mundane and yet magical sight. The tiniest of birds chirping away, into the sand where their heads lay. 
Strength comes in many forms.    Resilience;  Getting swept away with the current  Trusting that smooth sailing is ahead.    Leadership;  Knowing when to step up 
Tiny paws, reaching up so high Grasping my fingers with tiny claws Little mewls, screwed-shut eyes The mother's patience made me pause Watching her, kind as can be Nursing her little ones, softly purring
when he smiled his teeth shined brighter then the freshly fallen snow on our kneibors front yard his eyes gleamed with hope and with promise of a better tommorow for him and for me when he smiled
My mom is special and nice I love her very much She works a lot But I am fine with that  I know she loves me too She comes home tired She lays on the couch  She works very hard and She does not feel appreciated  Now I help to show her  I appreciat
As I ran towards the water and my feet were met with salty splashes of the ocean, 
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