The Mothers of The Bird


As I roomed the beach looking at its beauty, 

I saw the most mundane and yet magical sight.

The tiniest of birds chirping away,

into the sand where their heads lay. 


At once,

 their mother came...

Her feathers ruffled around them, and above she flew. 

To remind them not to go too far, not to be drowned by their desire to eat. 

To teach them.. but also to encourage them. 



She watched their efforts, and I watched hers. 

It was the most beautiful discovery of mine. 

Because, all at once I realized...

Even the tiniest of birds can inspire me to look at my own mother,

in appreciation for all she’s done for me. 


As I looked in amazement, with the sun in my eyes

She stared, she glazed, and roomed… carefully

Even then she was there.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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