' 'fear' 'depression' Anxiety

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An internal betrayal, sure  Anger, sadness, hopelessness An eternal spiral of these emotions I boil over Once again
What are days past if not tombstones how do i sculpt tribute  with these nothing hands nobody cares about ghosts until they are salable until they are stories  what it must feel like to be a story 
Closing in all around me,a fear I can't describe.All shaky and confused,I think I'm going to die.
Words are stupid. When I don't want words, They won't go away; When I need words, They're never there.   I wish my brain had an ON / OFF switch; I wish I could tell myself to just
Anxiety is like a rattlesnake. They are everywhere in the desert yet many rarely see them. We can tell when we get too close to them because they rattle. They rattle and rattle louder and louder.
Once upon a time There was a girl and When left alone in her head She found a knife.   Once upon a time a girl with a knife cut patterns into her arms Because as the blood ran
“Be wary of the sun, for it will melt your wings” At least, that was what they said to me. But, no one warned me of the perils ahead. They promised a breeze and warmth on my cheek,
Mask She wakes up everyday She gets dressed and puts on her mask She walks out the door and pretends to be happy When really… she's broken
Growing up is never easy  Inocence keeps on breaking Using school to stay busy But internally Im shaking The world feels darker  So I put on a mask as my armor But as I get older
Have you ever seen someone living a so called happy life the next day that same person takes his own life I guess that's what they meant by never judge a book by its cover Beautiful on the outside but messy on the inside
All of the time I feel heartbroken I feel like I have been put down On the inside I always feel broken It seems like I always have a frown  
Fear is to tangles, no out- Brain high, mired up. Face HIGH, Breath HIGH, Thoughts HIGH- When TALK, You Get TALKED. Minus the Gratitude, Birth the MAD- When sight Rich, comes the END of the BAD.
I’ve gotta get out I can’t take much more of this Can’t leave my own mind   I say I’m tired Partially true, but also Not everything  
I've been suicidal, I've written the letter. Stared at the pills praying to get better, but I didn't. Lie after lie, hurt after hurt. This pain that I feel caused by someone I loved. Truly alone in this moment.
  Even if I'm not happy, Jesus will still be here. God will still hold my hand when I'm filled with fear. They still think I'm beautiful when I think I'm ugly.
Hopeless Hopeless is how I felt. In counseling with tears streaming down my face and no regard, For my makeup smearing revealing I had lost any sense of grace.  
Thoughts Tick tock Thoughts and thoughts Tick tock Heartbeat pounding Tick tock Lungs seizing Tick tock
I’m not really sure how to start here So I guess I’ll start with something like Hi My name is Jaime
I’m not really sure how to start here So I guess I’ll start with something like Hi My name is Jaime
Fear was a word that followed the boogeyman It described how I felt about zombies, and things beyond the imagination of man But as I grew older those fears grew weak
I can't watch the sunsetbecause it hurts my chest but I like the way the waves crash against the shoredragging it back down with the tide
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