Haiku Assemblage

I’ve gotta get out

I can’t take much more of this

Can’t leave my own mind


I say I’m tired

Partially true, but also

Not everything


It’s hard to like me

I always frown at you, right?

Can’t fix it; I’ve tried


I wonder if they

Tolerate me, but I can’t

Be sure. … Nevermind


Let’s face it; you’re great

Not perfect, but no one is

And still you scare me


Maybe I’ll just stay

Right here, in hopes that I don’t

Bother you, okay?


That's it. Enough. Stop.

I can't keep living like this.

Help me find the out.


Hey, look, improvement:

Now I can admit that there's 

Something wrong. What next?


Things always happen.

Such is life. Now, be stronger.

Push through all the crap.


Head up. Try again.

Their opinions don't matter. 

And they never did.


Where to go from here?

Sure, there is failure. Look to

Get up from the fall.

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