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Hello pain, I heard you're a game changer And that you are a necessity in life For growth and maturity I heard you're blessing in disguise.   Hello pain, Let's have a conversation
A person’s honest hue only appear on the most dire situations, such genuine pigment are the brightest in tribulations. In such a trial, their tone will either compliment or contrast with you
As I walked along the street I saw the shadow of a soul Its heart was beaten, all I saw was dullness It was screaming for help, but no one could hear  
Strength comes in many forms.    Resilience;  Getting swept away with the current  Trusting that smooth sailing is ahead.    Leadership;  Knowing when to step up 
Eat dessert or drink sugary coffee but don’t guilt yourself into working off those calories.  Bake the cakes with your loving mom as the sunset spills its colors in the messy kitchen
I've always believed, that we meet everyone for a reason. Some people are there to build you up, encouraging words mortar for the soul. Others are there that will pull you down, vicious taunts
The sea is vast full of uncertainty, insecurity, and vulnerability One fish within the majority stood out, clearly representing irregularity Her bale houses sea turtles in all shapes and sizes, but the color remains the same
Growth, Not of the limbs But of the soul Of the mind Of the heart Yes, the world can be cold But that is when one should be bold
The moment I grew I realize I'm not you that's when I found me
Tall palm trees shimmy in the soft breeze,  Standing tall like soilders, Guarding the colossal college walls. Daunting yet appealing waves wash over me,  As my bold reflection stares back at me,
Through days of demanding duty And weeks of relentless fun, Mature I felt a year ago Now looks and feels so young.   In retrospect I do now see What I was blind to then.
Sand at my feet, pocket full of brocken shells, each wave a rythm to a different beat; This is what life could be. The sand the wave the sea. How far is my reach, from here on the beach?
Lurching from side to side, the winds of culture, education, and relationships washed my little mind to and fro.   My little mind, asail at sea,
I was a kid I sat on a blue rug in my class every day I was a kid I had to respond to my teacher when they said "hey" I was a kid I worried about being able to read a book I was a kid
I was a kid I sat on a blue rug in my class every day I was a kid I had to respond to my teacher when they said "hey" I was a kid I worried about being able to read a book I was a kid
i am always growing.   looking back, i see my past self as a seed of something larger, struggling to weasel its way out of the staunch, sturdy soil and bathe itself in the cleansing glow of the sun.
You see, When I take a moment and look back. Back at all the moments in my past, I see all the dreams I've left behind. All the scenes I left unseen and I think, I think "where did the time go?" When I close my eyes  and listen, Just listen to you
Mother I hated to watch you while you stood Back then, age 9, I knew what was going on. Always falling for the man of sophistication and
Oh little Anika. You have dealt with crap. You have been ripped of your innocence, With social statuses social quotas, social pressure,
Yesterday, they said, improve. I said, on what? They said, on you. I said, on me? But my mirror said,  open your eyes to see, 
The pear trees have surrendered. Their blossoms, once lifted by the wind of laughing hopeful children, now lay limp on the dry ground.
What You Stole   I see your hand prints I see their traces on my skin, Unwanted finger tips caressing my thigh
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