My Mirror is Beautiful


they said, improve.

I said, on what?

They said, on you.

I said, on me?

But my mirror said, 

open your eyes to see, 

do not use your ears.

because beauty is measured by the love in what you see, 

and not everyone's standards.

they scream...





bikini bodies!

listen to your fears...

not good enough!

not pretty!

not smart enough!

Not today!


I say, look at the word beautiful and know that it is a mirror.


You are so beautiful.

I am beautiful

I don't need someone to tell me I'm beautiful now 

because I can see it for myself 

because I have been beautiful since the beginning

because standards do not define us or measure beauty

because my love will never succumb to anything but beautiful

because being able to love is beautiful.

because My Mirror is Beautiful.

This poem is about: 
Our world


Fitzy Marlote

Society may bombard us with beautiful, skinny healthy people but, they're mearly examples. No matter what body type you have, it HAS to be taken care of. We only get ONE temple to house our soul. Treat it like most do their cars and you WILL suffer! Lastly; there's not enough love in the world hence why it's so ugly at times.