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Today I realized the word Shepherd, is one "e" away from Sheep herd Which isn’t enough to write a poem about But it was enough to make me not kill myself today.
A few still shine-Gold Souls I'm placed around them to guide If they alone choose to accept push, pull or reject, its still alright I know what it's like, to be stubborn It turns on you and will for-sure burn
People are like birds, except for one thing. We both have young, watch them grow, and when happy, we sing. When asked why, we don’t know.  
I had lost something Lost at sea it was not I set sail but all I found were people lost Some were following a captain Their actions commandeered by one voice But many were by their lonesome
One last entry before the night comes to an end, One more thought before the sheep comes- Slowly one by one, A puffy little cloud strutting aimlessly Above an unsurfaced ground. One last note to play-
Come, Sit down and view my world Let me take you in   They say my name As if it is I that should be ashamed. And yet, I win another battle  
You tell me, "It's ok, it'll all be over soon." And in a way, you were right.   It was over.   My sense of direction and morality. The knowledge that what I fought for was freedom.
Being heard is a lie. Children get scoulded for asking "why?" In this nation we are silenced  By the people who are supposed to be our guidence. We are herded like sheep,
You speak to me with soft words The three same words as always I don’t know how to respond or act
The sun rises and my eyes open slightly, beep,beep,beep distrubs the peace unrightly. Another day, another beginning, another oppurtunity. With my arms stretched high  I greet the presence of the school year.
Say you will bar me from your heavenScold me like a child who knows betterDeny my right to explain anythingSend me to the cornerSit me down in shame
It sits in hard, smooth splendor   There was a face here   Once       The wisdom of years and years   Shriveled down to a compact plastic  
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