Feed My Sheep

You speak to me with soft words

The three same words as always

I don’t know how to respond or act

But you repeat the same old phrase

                 Feed my Sheep.

What is that supposed to mean?

Aren’t I a sheep as well?

I’m broken more than anyone

And deserve the deepest hell

                Feed my sheep.

How can I feed when I have no food?

How can I lead when I’m only a follower?

Can you honestly see something in me

That is able to lend to the borrower

                Feed my sheep.

Maybe I’m not the one that’s blind

And maybe you don’t know what you’re doing

I’m just trying to live out my life easily

 I won’t be the one for all your fooling

                Feed my sheep

I’m on my knees so Lord forgive me

I lie, cheat, doubt, and of course I sin

It’s all the above and I need you’re wisdom

Lord, where is it- the place I've been?

                Feed my sheep

I’m losing daylight and wondering why

You can’t even answer my simple questions

Are you there and can you say anything else?

But apparently doubts are only infections

                Feed my sheep

                Feed my sheep

                Feed my sheep

That’s all the instructions, I needed all along

Thank you for not giving up on me all this time

I may not understand the larger picture you're painting

But at least I know enough to make this faith mine




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