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So This... “ Cancel Culture “... Now Seems To Be Structured To RESTRICT Numbers... And Now Be The CONDUCTOR... !!! of What Folks Say And What Gets Played...
Censor my life Create a big strife Take your sythe out of my goodwife! Y'all sound like your going through a midlife! Taking my right-to-life In exchange for a half-life!
Her cracked fingernails Are now covered in a fresh varnish That shimmers Like a clouded jewel freshly polished.   Her bloodied lips
"Censor Him CENSOR HIM He's Sounding Like A TERRORIST !" "Why, because I use my mind, when writing rhymes and poetry scripts ?"
It Seems Mr. Ross ... Has BROKEN Some ... " Boundaries " ... But If It's Not Him ... It's That Man ... " Ali G " ... !!! Or Maybe A Pundit ... On Late Night TV ... ?!?
We cut their tongues,Not that they will not speak,We are not deaf either,Not that we have the heart to heed.  
It can be hard when they hide knowledge from you. Intellectuals will have all the power. Those without control will never have a clue, And their ignorance will cause them to cower.
Historians agree that our ancestors lived in caves. Sheltered under a rock, we adapted to walls, a safety mechanism. From caves to townhomes, we kept our walls, built a fourth one, shaded the windows, 
Our darknesses we hide behind our veil  I must defend that my words are not for sale My mind is held independent and under cover From this deep repression I can not recover
There are so many _______ I want to say Wishing to express myself , But the ______ dance on the tip of my tongue Teasing me before fading away,   The distance grows, As they keep talking,
Yo, Ben Shapiro     Stop hatin' on black lives matterPeople of all creeds and colors deserve to blabberEven though they too busy riotin' to look up the definition of meaningful contribution    
You will never see me perform my poetry On America’s Got Talent. Ellen DeGeneres won’t Read this poem and invite me to Los Angeles, California to be
Saturation, warmth, crop, sharpen.Silence, stare, sit down, be quiet.
on white sheets he wrote away a few words
We tell ourselves lies, We blindfold ourselves to shield our own eyes. The hurt, the pain, We want it no more. Our own distractions will fill up our core. Hide all the books That cause us to feel.
                                                 Moe'Suckra                                                                        A Tale of Censorship    
Why doesn't it matter  The way I feel  About your censorship  You hide me away from reality  Reality of the inevitable truth  That maybe these things  You tell me 
  Look at all the people Staring in disbelief Witnessing terrorism Help commander in chief   We seek the governments help We hide under their protection But when it comes to danger
(Curtain rises on an empty stage)                                                                       -Act 1, Scene 1-"Action!" Hello, I have something to say before I sleep below.
When pointless wars are fought And individuals’ voices are lost Among shells and magazines and bombs and fire Only the written word remains
Why have you stopped my voice? Why can’t I be heard? Why have you shut your ears When I am not what you want to learn?
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