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                                                                       A Tale of Censorship    

                                                                                                                                        "Moe'Suckra!" I say      

"Avast ye' nay!"       

"Hey!" says thy teacher, shocked by the outbursts I say.  

To which I reply;   

"Are thout a ignorant horse?"     

What?!" he nay 

"Hay is for ignorant horses and ignorant horses eat hay"      

"Nay!" he say.   

Stuttering as if he were delayed;  

"Get out! Get out! To the Principles office I say!" 

Out of the room I bounced, like a laughadaisical lemon,  

No profanity had been milked like a cow (You know, uttered)

The Principle probably expected to be buttered.  

Reaching the Fuhrers camp,  

I walk in all pompous.  

And their mein Principle slumps, ( Oh burnt biscuit, I cant rythme the last part with chump)

"Sit thy bottom down, down to the ground, all the way down, and half way around"  

Sit down I did.

But half way?

No Way!

Three quarters past an inch I lay, showing him, that he soon shall pay.

"Your mouth is vulgar! We can't have that! Your ignorant and are stupid  

And are kempt less than a rat!"  

"Hah!" I sat.     

Wait, what was that?  

Thats my great comeback?  

A laugh and a sat?   

No. NO! I will not have that!  

"I did not swear! YOU LISTEN HEAR!      

I edit myself so eliquintley that even my grandmadre would hold my diction dear!      

I'm tired of your fiddle dop and im tired of your shish kabob      

And while your at it you should stop being such a knob!      

A Snob you call me?      

Well listen hear!      

You can kiss my Rudolf the Red Bummed Reignrear!      

You're brass, you're crass, and you act like a Mule!      

Yes, a Mule, you fool!      

A farmers tool!"      


The head of the school sat there dumbstruck and covered in sweat   

(Quiet odd that his bed covers were made of sweat and that he was wearing them at his workplace but that is not of importance to the story)   

"By the Gods, I can see clearly now, it's like the rain is gone!"  

I winced at his reference, but held my tounge   

"I apoligize my dear boy,    

( Calling me a deer I presume because he is ashamed of the fact that he is a mule )

I was wrong and you were right,   

I realize now we need not fight"   

We grasped hands firmly, and each shed a tear of manly manhood that fell into our manes which used hair products from a far away land called Maine.   

My principle smiled, brightly beaming.   

And then I knew   

                 That I was dreaming.


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