'Death of loved one'

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Me and my boo, together today.  Me and my baby, sharing a parfeit.  Soon a question must be asked,  But it's a very daunting task...   Will she like it? Will she agree? 
Imagine Moving to a strange country.  You're so young and get married so abruptly,  To a man you were forced to love, and you're going to have a baby. You move from Italy to Queens, where the people are pretty shady
My grief is not your game Do not speak on her name My mind hasn't been the same Since her life ended Another relationship I never mended Death seems so inviting
We buried you in Evergreen cemetery On October 15, 2010  
Death lurks on every doorstep.Waiting to be let inside. This time my grandpa was his quarry.Before it was my dad and grandma. This time was different,This time I was different.
I know what it means to be heartbroken. To feel like you’ve got nothing left; To feel like your world has turned completely upside down; And you believe that everyone has moved on, But you cannot catch up.  
My father passes. With him, my world also fades. My life is broken.   All hope is now gone. What can I possibly have now? Jesus, my Saviour.   After a few years,
I watched the light fade from her eyes. She left this world as but a whisper in the wind; being forgotten in an instant. The cosmos opened up to her and welcomed her home,
Don’t worryThey’re with you.
"Hey, look this way," the deepest darkest monster of them all was whispering. Grab that knife Grab the pills Grab the razor Grab something that will take your life  
You emobody the vessel of pure isolation what more of an effect could you embrace me with for your friend has seduced the one who's given me life into a life of nevermore  and now we stand face to face 
vacant    The car parked abruptly. Lungs, ached with pain. I miss you ugly As the sun came to an end, Embrace my figure one last timewith fingers curled into my hair; 
To my lost family and friends, I miss you. I miss everything about you.  I cry about you a lot. I read a poem called, "Do Not Stand By My Grave and Weep," It's by Mary Elizabeth Fryre.
Broken Harts Nineteen year old mother, Father and mother don’t love each other? Father not around, Mother crying on the ground.
Dear Daddy, My days are spent living in a shade of grey, With a shadow lingering in my mind like a distant memory, And a heaviness felt within the depths of my chest.
Rage against the dying of the light Some say put up the fight of your life Not for you but for them don't look into the night  To stay is to follow  To follow is right  To follow in masses
Found on these steps you lie, Tucking me good night Before you left. Heart Stopped. Eyes wide.  Love was found In your  Soul, And you taught me to keep it there,
You began by holding my hand destroying all my obstacles,  holding me when I couldn't stand.   Though it began with late night scary dreams,  for which you were prepared;
Rest in Peace, my weary soul. Let diamonds dance into that space— Though mem’ries cannot fill the hole Their power can illuminate Each crack and strain that first appeared When the one I love respired
Match strikes box Friction becomes flame Slowly, steadily The hand stretches to reach its goal.   1920s, New York A young woman,
There is a cliff, a very steep cliff on the isle of dread and woe. Oft I've stood there on the cliff and gazed at the rocks below. The cliff has stood on the edge of the isle as long as I have known.
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