Growing Through Loss

Death lurks on every doorstep.Waiting to be let inside.
 This time my grandpa was his quarry.
Before it was my dad and grandma.
 This time was different,
This time I was different.
 This time I was not a child like before.
 Grandpa had a choice to fight or flow down the river.
 He decided he was done fighting that day.
 He was ready for the currents to carry him away.
  I was woeful.
But I had a new understanding,
 A different perspective,
 An Adult’s view.
 Grandpa said he would see me in heaven.
 I replied, “I will see you there old man!
” His funeral was a celebration, not a bleak, black tie event.
 The lesson I learned, the new understanding I had was:
 Appreciate my time.
 Spend it with the ones I love.
 Treat people right.
So when it’s time for me to say goodbye.
 I will have people who want to see me again
 In the next life.

This poem is about: 
My family


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