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A purpose runs in my veins  , shines onto my flaws, though it cleans A pale of when, a pale of what happened  I, as a child was molested  I, as a child was bullied
“You are the lucky one” They tell me “You are privileged” Society screams I am white, I am middle-class, I am American, but I do not always feel lucky I do not always feel privileged
I love you 3 words I've never said to anyone and truly meant outside of family.
 An escape from everything // Away from the hatred of the world // Away from the terrors of the world // Away from the hypocrites of the world // To feel good is to feel happy // Find happiness and you shall feel peace.  
A blank sheet of paper A pencil in my hand  The ideas are endless My imagination is endless I can go anywhere But I choose to stay in reality  For this is where I belong 
When I write, I see me The true me, the real me I don't see a writer with a pen and paper I see Van Gogh with painting a self portrait Or a young girl with no makeup looking in the mirror
They say people come and they go, But mine seem to sitck like stone Always around to remember What I could do better. They say the best place to be is home. But what if home is sturdy like bone?
 I was different, I don’t know why I’ll never know why I will be  broken It happens over time I am alone, And for some that changes
I'll spread myself across this page. be present a pound the stage . maybe then my memory won't fade. my life no longer a passing phase . try to sketch every piece of me in to eternity 
What I see when I look in the mirror, I see a scared girl who had to grow up faster than she planned. I see a wannabe.  A girl who wants to be everything she is not. I see a grown woman with a childhood mind.
FIND MYSELF   Late at night I toss and turn Wondering how when and if I will ever learn How to love commit and be the person that I have always wanted to be
Hey Just writing to tell you I miss you.I miss you so much. Everything about you From the way you used to laugh all the way down to the way you used to cry.Whether they were alligator tears or the tears shed after you lost the things that meant th
I am a runaway, Scared to run, but enough strength to leave the place I called home, I can’t remember home. I am a nomad,
The girl that is so sweet That she is like candy between your teeth. A mild past she has had But none to which that will make you mad. Be careful as she surrounds in your warmth
It is quiet So quiet I can hear nothing Silence sits around me, gently descending upon my shoulders
I am me
Dark circles under brown eyes, Permanent since sixth grade, From too many nights with too little sleep. But why sleep when I can learn and laugh and think?   Entire universes reside within,
Write whatever you can down
It's what's on the inside that counts As everyone has been told   But there are few that truly know The beauty of the Soul   Hideous Weak Four-Eyes Zit-Face
You know
Double Life   I always carry my phone to keep in touch with the world, My purse carries all my secrets inside, The heat, the cold, that’s what my coat is for,
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