When I write

When I write, I see me

The true me, the real me

I don't see a writer with a pen and paper

I see Van Gogh with painting a self portrait

Or a young girl with no makeup looking in the mirror

Questioning her self worth and her dreams, her visions


When I write I bleed

Not in a physical sense

But a psychological bleeding

My mind flows onto my canvas

With the elegance of ocean waves at night

and my thoughts and emotions gain a greater cohesion


When I write I spin

My soul begins to spin in 360 

Ink touches the canvas

and I am sent into a swirl

But the place is always still

Still like comfort zones and coffee


When I write, I understan life

My merkaba activates

and all three of my eyes open to see

The world and what it really is

Life becomes clearer

and I comprehend everything perspectively

when I write




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