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As I looked into his eyes  I was just a child, his child  He was JUST my daddy.  My daddy that was in glossy pictures clothed in Camoflauge. 
Even if only until tomorrow or even until next weekend it never gets easier.   You learn to cherish moments, memories, time. In the blink of an eye they leave.  
I remember being a young child Playing at Grandma’s alongside you We were kids all running wild How quickly those times flew   You grew up to be a great young man Standing strong as could be
they protect our nation and way of life they are ready at moments notice there might not be many but they are proud can you guess who I'm talking about
Miles away from home a soldier lies,He cherishes many hello's, and despites goodbye's.He risks his life, he is willing to die,He does all of this to see that American Flag fly high.What most people do not understand,
This was written while I was at basic training for the United States Army.........  It's amazing how the essence of somebodys presence can change you. And then when your gone without it its amazing how it could offend you. 
He held the ink stained letter It came to him from miles away Hung on to every word written From the girl that begged him to stay
You have the strength of a soldier and the willingness to fight. You have the strength that will carry you far through foreign lands. A gun strapped to your back that wears you down, yet you still have the strength to keep going.
I am from the infantry. From soldiers who have fought to their death. Through deployments and basic training, they triumph over all. I am from a war that gave us freedom.
Stand straight, stand tall, stand proud don't you dare give up. your strength, my strength... it is all we have back straight, feet together, now they are apart must be perfect
As we walk into the line of fire Memories start running through our heads Some of us remember playing with our kids Others seem to recall when they themselves were kids
As just a boy you made your decision to become a man, you thought long and hard and didn't take a thing for granted it was in your final year of childhood that you chose to take a stand
The gentle rocking of a heavy metal coffin rocks her to sleep Instead of the pleasant beat of her child’s heart.
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