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Oh, how quick they were to try and suffocate the flames On the sacred, seasoned, sanctuary known as Notre Dame.  Oh, how the people stared and sobbed and frowned and asked God why 
There goes another kid dead on the street. When will we learn, we are what we eat. We gobble down monsters, and we spit out the weak. It's not people i fear, but the things that they hold.
Everyday i live in fear that school will no longer be school Instead it will be a warzone, a one sided war People running like their life depends on it Because it does.
Guns. They have become the sleepless immortals in our country. The instrument leading to too much blood spilt. The goodbye 17 students never got to say.
Pop goes the bubble. Away goes the ability to ignore. Ignorant, Naive, Selfish, Good intentions, Not good enough,
Words. Us. Crashes. Bus. Fire. Burns. Screams. Urns. Funerals. Who's turn... Is it? Gun shots, and bullet wombs. We're killing ourselves.
What can you say When you see the news on TV Another school shooting  It’s only the beginning of 2018 How can it be so many How many Americans are going to die By the hands of another American
My words got lost, so did IIn a world where naked beast are “free”,Where one can’t see with the naked eye,And where there is no way to flee.
People praise the participation,  But fear the loss of limbs when against discrimination.  Starving children, yet you glorify world domination.  And the money is your set clarification  Of power and dignity,
I’m angry. I’m angry at the world right now. Where is my place in the world? Who am I? As a woman, what walls are going to be put up around me that I am going to have to bulldoze down? I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the world right now.
The feeling of power is addictive. Gain it through words, not weapons. 
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