Le Monde en Feu

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 13:40 -- Geanyah

Oh, how quick they were to try and suffocate the flames

On the sacred, seasoned, sanctuary known as Notre Dame. 

Oh, how the people stared and sobbed and frowned and asked God why 

The ashes of their darling church were rising to the sapphire sky. 

And why the art was destined to die. 


The monstrosity moved the millionaire men

Whose sympathy made me question again

Where they were when the penniless suffered in vain.


A fixed cathedral will not provide something to eat though.

It will not revive people who died in Puerto Rico.

Its steeple will not make the fruits of migrant labor ripe - 

Or help women escape the threat of violence and rape. 

A homeless couple waits for humble strangers on the street 

To give them coins or food or something that will keep them on their feet. 


The stained-glass windows won't block out the silent mother's burning rage 

As she's forced to leave her baby while he's locked up in a cage.

The white supremacists are still allowed to scream their hate - 

But (oh wait) "we've got more important issues on our plate."

Like that burning church in France where not one person met their fate. 


The pop! pop! pop! of bullets will drown out the celebration

But (hooray) the cathedral will see a few more generations.

The world is far too big to fix each mess, I must confess,

But there are essential matters we cannot wait to address. 


The whisper of a waiting child with teardrops on her cheek

Will ask her mother why the strangers hate the language that she speaks.

But the millionaires can't hear her over the crackle of the flames

As they try and try their best to save beloved Notre Dame. 

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